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Japanese nature

Nature of Japan represented by FUJIYAMA is very beautiful.

Fujiyama is a beautiful nature of Japan. In addition, Tokyo and Kyoto, Nara, tourist destination there are a lot that showed the Japanese culture. The nature of Japan, spring, summer, autumn, as in winter, changes in the four seasons are delicately expressed. They are a unique view of the oriental country.

Japanese culture

GEISHA and NINJA, SAMURAI are interesting culture.

Geisha and Ninja, Samurai, etc. are interesting culture where you can learn the history of Japan. These are the unique culture of the East of the country, it is not may differ significantly for and of your country culture. Knowing them, might you obtain a new discovery.

Japanese products

Japanese products, such as KARAKURI is a dense and delicate.

Karakuri Ningyo is an excellent craft to represent Japan. It was made hundreds of years ago, but this tradition still have an impact on Japanese products. Various Japanese products is a delicate and sophisticated, the spirit of the Japanese craftsmen("Shokunin") are reflected.

Anime Manga

ANIME and MANGA, Japanese Novel are very fascinating.

Anime and manga is interesting. Characters are cool, cute, there is a very attractive. And, they work to make the world not possible in reality, they are sometimes given a dream to us.

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